Friday, March 24, 2017

G11 - Week 27 - Day 3

In-class work

  1. Fiscal Policy 
    1. Practice problem 2 (p. 384)
      1. We will mark the "best" example on a rubric together to show areas of improvement.
  2. Supply-side questions
    1. Cambridge application on p. 346
  3. Current event and review discussion
At-home work
  1. Find news/current events of interest to you related to any topic from the class - i.e. micro or macro chapters. Ideas include:
    1. Taxes
    2. Subsidies
    3. Price controls
    4. Pollution
    5. Education
    6. Healthcare
    7. Infrastructure
    8. Unemployment
    9. Inflation
    10. Growth rates
    11. Inequality/equality
    12. Interest rates/monetary policy
    13. Immigration
    14. Climate change
    15. Tech R&D


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  2. Wages are sticky in the short run because of government policies. Can supply side policy be used to get rid of those regulations on wages, so that workers don’t get laid off? If so, then why is it not used often so that sticky-wages is not an issue?

  3. what is the short effect of supply-side policy in a economy?