IB mission statement

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

IB Group 3 aims

The aims of all subjects in group 3, individuals and societies are to:

1. encourage the systematic and critical study of: human experience and behaviour; physical, economic and social environments; and the history and development of social and cultural institutions

2. develop in the student the capacity to identify, to analyse critically and to evaluate theories, concepts and arguments about the nature and activities of the individual and society

3. enable the student to collect, describe and analyse data used in studies of society, to test hypotheses, and to interpret complex data and source material

4. promote the appreciation of the way in which learning is relevant both to the culture in which the student lives, and to the culture of other societies

5. develop an awareness in the student that human attitudes and beliefs are widely diverse and that the study of society requires an appreciation of such diversity

6. enable the student to recognize that the content and methodologies of the subjects in group 3 are contestable and that their study requires the tolerance of uncertainty.

IB Economics aims

In addition, the aims of the economics syllabus at SL and HL are to enable students to:

7. develop an understanding of microeconomic and macroeconomic theories and concepts and their real-world application

8. develop an appreciation of the impact on individuals and societies of economic interactions between nations

9. develop an awareness of development issues facing nations as they undergo the process of change.

My aims

The aims of all myself as your teacher are to:

1. plan a course which allows you to individualize your pace and choose differentiated learning modalities and assessment types

2. teach you approaches to learning skills

3. provide meaningful feedback on assessments and questions, which can be used to both better learn and understand course content and skills

4. inspire and shift motivational outlooks that are optimal for learning and producing in this course, program, and life.

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