Friday, March 11, 2016

Motivation and the Future

  1. "You make us do too much."
  2. Motivation?
  3. Two Consequences of "Winner Take All" Societies


  1. The purpose of my presence at school is to hopefully one day unlock as many opportunities as I possibly can. It also brings a social aspect to my life which I enjoy

    My values are honesty, Growth and loyalty

  2. Value - Family, Understanding, Enjoyment

    Purpose - My purpose for attending stamford is to provide myself with an education to further my understanding where I can end up at a university to further that. By improving my understanding I can connect with people easier. Getting a secondary education will make it easier to have an enjoyable life as I would not have to struggle on the side of basic necessities and can focus on other things.

  3. Purpose: Learning at school allows me to make accomplishments and create friendships while maintaining my integrity.


  4. Values: Involvement, development, conetcedness, loyalty, hapiness, and compasion

    Purpose for attending Stamford: By attending Stamford I am able to participate in clubs that allow me to show compasion for others, and in doing so becoming more connected and and involved with society's issues. I find hapiness in the friends and relationships I make here, also the rigorous classes offered allow me to develop and learn.

  5. My purpose for doing economics is pretty simple, I enjoy economics more than the other subjects and also because I want to pursue a career in economics.

    The values I value most are :
    -the unknown

  6. My purpose for choosing to carry out the IB course for the two years was to not just learn information straight out of a textbook, but to become an all round learner and a better person in the process. The things that I value the most in life are purpose, knowledge and development.

  7. My purpose for taking IB is to get good grades and enter university after. In my life I value money, family and ambitions.

  8. 1. So what really is my purpose to be in school? I don't really think that I have a set purpose to be in school. I guess one purpose could be that you want to go with society and what it has set. Society has set a standard to where if you don't go to school and are not educated, then you won't really make it far in life, and you will be different. Another purpose for me being in school is that I want to please my parents. All parents want their kids to go to school and grow up and get a good job.

    2. Values:
    - Family
    - Loyalty
    - Respect

  9. My purpose for taking the IB is to be able to do well and repay my parents.
    Values: competence and stability

  10. Zeal

    1. My purpose for taking IB was to get me prepared for stuff I will enjoy doing, career, in future

  11. Values :-
    1. Freedom
    2. Loyalty
    3. Being Forgiving

    Purpose in school :-
    To learn new things and develop as an individual.

  12. Purpose:

    Learning economics is both enjoyable and interesting while also allows me to gain a further understanding of the world


    - simplicity
    - passion
    - happiness
    - efficiency
    - success
    - pleasure

  13. My purpose of pursuing the IB is to get a great job and be very successful, making a difference. I would like to be able to wake up one day and see all the positive changes that happened in our world, which we thought could never potentially happen.

    I value honesty, trust, success, personal growth and collaboration

  14. My purpose for being in school is that i am able to do more sports and join more clubs. I would need education if i want a good job and make my parents proud. The reason why i came to Stamford is because the local schools are too difficult


  15. Purpose of being in IB :
    - Make it easier when applying to college
    - gain more knowledge
    - be a well rounded student

    Values :
    - knowledge
    - happiness
    - achievement
    - commitment
    - challenge

  16. Purpose: My purpose of going to Stamford is to give myself the opportunity to become a more worldly person through the many opportunities the school provides.

    Values: Open-Mindness, Respect, Ambition

  17. My purpose for taking the IB is to become a better learner as well as achieve the goals I have set myself to be successful in life. I want to get a good job and live a stable life.

    My values are: development, accomplishment, happiness and growth