Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grade 12 - Tuesday Sub-plans

In-class work
  1. Luti would like to do the ch. 28 assessment (it's on the desk)
  2. Use the class in the way that is most effective for your time. Keep the opportunity cost of your decisions in mind when utilizing your time effectively.
  3. I know many of you have the English mock tomorrow and we have the economics mock on Thursday.
  4. I would spend this entire period reviewing/revising for one of these two exams.
For sub
  • These students know how to use their time effectively in order to be prepared for their assessments tomorrow and the next day. 
  • These are major exams for them and they should be reviewing intensely for them as they count for a significant part of their semester grades and help predict how they will do on their real external assessments in a few weeks that count for 80% of their grade for this entire two-year course.
  • They can work very independently, but it is fine to remind them that they should be using class time for class work if socializing becomes clearly off topic and irrelevant to our subject (economics or possibly English).

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