Tuesday, April 10, 2018

AP Review Materials, useful for IBDP


These free materials are prepared for AP course, but I like their clarity and accessibility and there is a significant overlap with IBDP. You can check out the videos here ACDC Econ.

Summary videos:

For Macro:

Overview of Macro
Macro Review
Key Graphs of Macroeconomics

Unit 1 Summary: Basic Concept and Demand/Supply
Unit 2 Summary: Measuring the Economy
Unit 3 Summary: Aggregate Demand/Supply and Fiscal Policy
Unit 4, Money, Banking and Monetary Policy and Unit 5, International Trade and Foreign Exchange are available for $$$

For Micro:

Some of the videos of particular usefulness:
Overview of Micro
Micro Review

Unit 1 Summary: Basic Economic Concepts
Unit 2 Summary: Supply, Demand, and Consumer Choice
Unit 3 Summary: Costs and Perfect Competition
Unit 4, Imperfect Competition and Unit 5, The Resource Market are available for $$$.

Juris Bariss

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