Friday, March 30, 2018

G12 Preparing for the Exam


Please find some review materials here.

Commentary on the mock exam Mock exam review notes here. This is a summary, and covers all three papers for both HL and SL. Use it in conjunction with your exam - read the notes that would be relevant to you. Remember - you can learn a lot from your mistakes!

Review material here:
IB in a Nutshell
IB Review Book

Specimen (sample) papers here (sample papers in the second part of the document):
Specimen Papers

Paper 3 practice (for HL):
Exam 3 Practice

Please find some time to study during the holidays. Read the Mock Exam Review Notes to identify the areas for improvement; chances are your strengths and weaknesses would be common for all three papers. Focus on conceptual issues (e.g. where you did not interpret the question or command term correctly, didn't label the chart) rather than technical errors.

And of course, relax and refresh to be ready for the final dash of your school year!

Juris Bariss

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