Thursday, January 18, 2018

PPTs for Grade 11 and 12

Below are the PowerPoint presentations for each group of topics. These match most of the DP syllabus, but were created for AP classes. Use your head and make sure you are following along in the textbook and with the videos online from our textbook's author.

Grade 11 - Macro and some trade

I began making blog posts a couple years ago with the activities we did in class each day. If you look on the right side of our blog, you can see labels for old posts by the week (e.g. week 19 = label W19). You can also click labels by month (e.g. January 2017).

Your current location in the course material matches up with about week 14 from last year, which was right before winter break and corresponds to the posts from the December label on the right.

Once you notice the location that matches the same material we are currently covering, you can simply work forward from there, one class at a time. The goal is roughly one chapter every two weeks and to finish macro before the end of the year, including your next commentary on a macro topic.

Macro PPTs
Basic economic concepts
Measurement and economic performance
Aggregate supply, demand, and fiscal policy
Monetary policy
Open economy and international trade

Grade 12 - Micro (with theory of the firm)

Basic economic concepts
Demand, supply, and consumer choice
Costs of production and perfect competition
Imperfect competition
Resource market
Market failure

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