Thursday, June 1, 2017

G11 - Week 37 - Day 2

Should income taxes be higher?
Should sales tax be higher?
Should all education be free?
Should all healthcare be free?
Should we have a carbon tax?
Should we subsidize sustainable energy?
Should all governments be gender balanced?
Should there be an estate tax?
Should all companies be employee owned?
Should there be open borders?
Should we have 100% free trade?
How do we make society better?

At-home videos
  1. Determining Absolute and Comparative Advantage
  2. The Gains from International Trade in the PPC Model 
In-class work
  1. Any questions from the videos?
  2. Exercise 1 (HL Only)
  3. Exercise 2 (Everyone)
  4. Practice questions 1-3 (p. 430)

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