Thursday, April 20, 2017

G11 - Week 30 - Day 2

In-class work

  1. IA Structure/Format
    1. How to Structure an Economics IA
    2. Evaluation in economics
  2. Micro Sample
    1. What does a good IB Economics Commentary look like? 
  3. Macro Sample
    1. Sample IB Economics Internal Assessment Commentary – Understanding the ECB’s bond-purchasing program 
  4. Economics Guide

Use the above link to find the internal assessment section of the economics guide.

The section you need is on page 95! I highly suggest you read through the IA section in its entirety to make sure you understand all of the required components. It is your responsibility to understand and follow the directions in the guide, not Stamford's.

Reminders of upcoming
  1. Mock Exam - May 22 (14 classes from today)
  2. Internal assessment
    1. Micro commentary
      1. First draft - April 26th (1st Draft)
      2. Final draft - April ??th
    2. Macro commentary
      1. First draft - May ??th
      2. Final draft - May ??

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