Thursday, October 6, 2016

G11 - Week 8 - Day 2

In-class work
  1. Chapter 5 exercise questions/closure - 10 minutes
  2. Introduction to Market Failure - Negative Externalities of Production
  3. Negative Externalities of Consumption as a Market Failure
    1. Exercises 1-3, page 133
  1. Ch. 5-6 assessment on Thursday, October 20th
  2. Make sure to be reading news sources and collecting real-life examples of market failures 

Currently Reading

The above diagram shows what can potentially happen when large groups of migrants move into a host country. The diaspora (migrants living in the host country) can indefinitely grow in size when they are unable or unwilling to integrate into the host country's society. This can lead to a number of issues, namely a break down of mutual regard and perhaps emigration of the host citizens to other countries.

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  1. Eating meat, because the meat industry contributes to a lot of greenhouse gases