Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 23-27th - Sub Info

May 23rd

  • Mock exam - shouldn't be any students
May 25th
  • Pass out Ch. 16 exams and let them peer assess them using the rubrics on the last two pages
  • They have done this before, there shouldn't be any problems
  • They should all mark three different assessments to get varying opinions on the final scores (hopefully they agree somewhat closely across graders)
  • Luke Allen (Block 3) hasn't take the exam and so he should leave the room to do his own exam during that time
    • He only needs 45 minutes to write the assessment
May 27th
  • They can begin studying ch. 17
    • They do this independently with videos found on this website and their textbooks
    • They can study together or alone, many will have headphones in while they listen to vdieos

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