Monday, September 14, 2015

Robert Reich (Ranking Colleges)

Really cool post from Robert Reich on college rankings and what does or not qualify a university to be considered "elite" or highly ranked.

Of personal interest to me as a Californian, the University of California system as a whole had three of the top five schools and four of the top ten. If we add Stanford, California had five of the top ten spots on the recommended Washington Monthly link below!

Robert Reich (Ranking Colleges)
So, with college application season almost upon us, where should aspiring college students and their parents look for advice? 
In my view, not U.S. News and World Report’s annual college guide (out last week).

US New claims its rankings are neutral. Baloney.

We need another guide for ranking colleges – one that doesn’t look at the fatness of alumni wallets or the amount spent on each student, but does take account of economic diversity and dedication to public service. 
Fortunately, there is one. It’s a relatively new one, provided by the Washington Monthly.

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