Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Learning Log Uses

Here are few things to keep in mind as you write learning logs each day. If you are skipping any step in this process, you probably are not fully learning the material or have gaps in your knowledge that you are unaware of and could cause problems for you on exam day.
  1. Preview the content
    1. What prior information do you know about this topic already?
  2. Chunk the content into small “digestible bites”
    1. See chapter outlines
  3. Scaffold (sequence) the chunks
    1. See chapter outlines
  4. Process each chunk
    1. Discuss the topic with a classmate
    2. Summarize it orally or in writing
    3. Explain it to someone else
    4. Check whether you can complete the exercises and worksheets
    5. Connect material to outside of class examples 
  5. Represent the content in linguistic and/ or nonlinguistic ways
    1. Complete an assessment
      1. Written exam
      2. Practice IA
      3. Oral presentation
  6. Reflect on your learning

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