Friday, August 14, 2015

Grade 12 Reminders

Hi Everyone,

Please remember that all chapter products will be assessed based on your demonstration of the the IB criteria. They can be found on the assessment marking page above or the Economics guide in the right hand side-bar.

As a summary, the general criteria include:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of specified content
  2. Demonstrate application and analysis of knowledge and understanding
  3. Demonstrate synthesis and evaluation
  4. Select, use and apply a variety of appropriate skills and techniques
See the guide for further details on this.

The pacing guide for this class also recommends that you be studying chapters 20 and 21 during the month of August, so that you can be ready to start chapters 22 and 23 for September. This means you should be completing roughly two chapters each month until April so that you can have time for review before you exams in May.

If you are significantly behind this pace, you should see me to figure out how to keep up.

Thanks for a good first week!

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