Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What to Do After (and in) College

  1. Be grateful you're graduating now
  2. Pack up and move
  3. Don't be a "lifer"
  4. Go to grad school (if you can afford it)
  5. Learn to code
  6. And keep learning after that 
  7. Don't do the boring stuff
  8. Remember that practicality pays
  9. Or brush up on your people skills
  10. Don't be above slumming it
What to Learn in College to Stay One Step Ahead of Computers - NYTimes.com
The successful occupations, by this measure, shared certain characteristics: People who practiced them needed complex communication skills and expert knowledge. Such skills included an ability to convey “not just information but a particular interpretation of information.” They said that expert knowledge was broad, deep and practical, allowing the solution of “uncharted problems.” 
In a separate May 5 statement, Prof. Sean D. Kelly, chairman of the General Education Review Committee, said a Harvard education should give students “an art of living in the world.” 
Many of these issues have arisen in my own academic life. My teaching has changed over the decades. I try to make it more useful in confronting issues of creativity and morality in the work world.

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