Thursday, May 7, 2015

Learning and Creating

We can consume information (read/listen) and produce (write/talk/create). In school, we want to focus on learning and creating. So if we are learning something, we should have a plan to create something and share it afterwards.

Below are lists of the activities that go in each category. The lists are not exhaustive and you could easily come up with other ideas to add.

What's important is to understand that you will actually learn more when you think about creating something first and then finding what you need to learn in order to make it. Vocabulary and grammar are at the bottom because they shouldn't be the focus, but just help you to understand everything else!

Consume (Read/listen)
  • books
  • news
  • blogs
  • YouTube
  • movies
  • poems
  • podcasts
Produce (write/talk/create)
  • presentations
  • imovies
  • blogs
  • books
  • posters
  • stories
  • essays
  • plays
  • news articles/interviews
  • website pages
  • diaries
  • songs
This is done as needed to support your learning consumption or production. You could also put basic skills like time management, organization, and concentration here.

So what are you going to learn and create today?
  1. What are you interested in?
    1. What do you want to learn about this topic?
    2. Why does it interest you so much?
    3. How are you going share what you have learned?
  2. Research
  3. Keep your sources
    1. Share them on your blog/final product
  4. Share with a partner
    1. Ask for feedback/questions/help
  5. Do more research
  6. Create your product
  7. Share your product
  8. Write a final reflection on your blog

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